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  • Oil & Fuel Spill Kits
  • Hazchem Spill Kits
  • Marine Spill Kits
  • Acid Spill Kits
  • Medical Spill Kits
  • Floor Sweep Absorbents
  • Chemical Sweep Absorbents
  • Biohazard Absorbents
  • Marine Absorbents
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Water Barriers
  • Fire Safety and many more!

Products include:

Spill Control
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  • Site Assessment & Recommendation Report
  • Spill Response Training - Toolbox, Levels 1,2
  • Spill Control Service & Maintenance Program

Services include:

Silverback cares for the Safety and Protection of People, Cargo and Environments. 

Silverback has an in-depth understanding of Spill Control Products, Containment and Management and has an extensive range of equipment to ensure the safety of your people and working environments. 

Silverback's comprehensive Spill Control catalogue includes spill kits and accessories, spill absorbents
& containment and emergency response products. Also included is essential information about spill control procedures and best practices.

Resources include:

This catalogue also covers other vital information and advice, including; 

  • Spill Control Plans
  • Spill Response Procedures
  • Spill Absorption Charts
  • Spill Kit Suitability Chart
  • Bunding Selection Chart