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  • People:
    • Hand Protection (Protection gloves for every industry)
    • Sight Protection (Safety Glasses and Goggles)
    • Hearing Protection (ear plugs and Earmuffs)
    • Head Protection and Head Ware (Hard hats, Bump ware, Sun hats)
    • Respiratory Protection (Disposable and Reusable Respirators)
    • Foot Protection and Foot Ware (Boots)
    • Protective Workwear (Safety vests, Rainwear, Sun cover)
  • Workplace/Site:
    • Emergency Response Kits
    • Spill Response Kits
    • Safety Lighting
    • Height Safety
    • Wheel Chocks (Car, Trucks and Aircraft)
    • Traffic (Traffic Cones and Bollards) 
    • Barricades and Barriers – Traffic and Pedestrian
    • Fire Extinguishers

Products include:

Safety Products

  • Spill Response Training
  • Spill Response Service Program

Services include:

Resources include:

This catalogue also covers other vital information and advice including; 

  • Hand Protection Standards
  • AS/NZS 1801:1997 Occupational protective helmets.
  • Eyewear Use Reference Table
  • Noise level Reference Table
  • Gas and vapour filter classification
  • Respiratory Mask Usage Chart

Silverback cares for the safety and protection of Cargo, People and Environments. 

Silverback has an in-depth understanding of Safety products and has an extensive range of equipment to ensure the safety of your people and working environments. 

Silverback's comprehensive Safety catalogue covers our many products broken down by category and as well as vital information about best Safety practices.