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Load Restraint

Products include:

  • Cargo, Shoring, Loader and Bulkhead Bars
  • Chain Tensioning Dogs & Binder Bars
  • Hooks and Fittings
  • Rachet Tie Down Systems and Parts
  • Truck Winches and Accessories
  • Towing Equipment
  • Vehicle Tie Down Systems
  • G70 Transport Chain
  • Shipping Container Twist Locks
  • Over Dimensional Safety Signs
  • And much more.

Resources include:

This catalogue also covers other vital information and advice including;

  • Different Load Restraint methods
  • Tie down tips & instructions
  • Legal obligations of loads
  • Tie down checklists and more

Silverback cares for the safety and protection of cargo, people and environments. 

Silverback has an in-depth understanding of load restraint and has an extensive range of equipment to ensure your cargo is safe and secure, whatever you're transporting.

Silverback's comprehensive Load Restraint catalogue our many products, broken down by category and as well as vital information about best Load Restraint practices.